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Average Toilet Plumbing Installation Cost

Planning to have a new toilet installed in your bathroom? If this is the case, you first need to prepare yourself for its budget, and for this, you have to calculate the cost. After knowing the exact price, it becomes more straightforward for you to get a clear idea of how much money you will need.

We can understand that it's pretty frustrating to calculate the budget but don't worry, in this article, we'll tell you everything necessary to get toilet plumbing done. Generally speaking, to install a toilet, the cost can range between $224 and $534, but the national average cost is about $373.

The price depends on what type of toilet it is and how complex the job is. The process of installation usually takes about two to five hours for a licensed plumber. The hourly rate will depend on expertise, whether it is an after hours call out, and whether they provide warranty on workmanship.

Factors Affecting The Cost Of Toilet Installation

There are many factors that affect toilet installation prices. Cost ranges may increase from the average due to extra fees for removing an old toilet. The labour work in installation and type or brand of the toilet also increase the total cost. The location and job complexity also play significant factors in affecting the price.

Disposal of Old Toilet

The entire cost of removing and disposing of the old toilet is generally included in the total installation price. Some plumbers may charge $35 to $45 for removal and disposal. So, make sure to ask your plumber if this is included in the fee to install the new toilet.

Type or Brand of Toilet

Getting a new toilet could cost you between $95 and $1,500 or even more than this. It generally depends on the type and brand of the toilet. You can find many options among the new toilet brands and styles and choose what perfectly fits you and your bathroom.

Whether it be a basic two-piece toilet or a high-end toilet, many of them include a bidet. The most sought-after toilet options include low-flow toilets at an average of $510, a wall-mounted toilet at about $675, an up-flush toilet at about $950, and a dual flush toilet at around $350. The brand will highly affect the entire cost.

Job Difficulty

Toilet set up will cost greater if the process is complicated and takes more time than usual or includes repairs. These elements can be covered in the original quote, or problems may also arise during the installation process that needs to be sorted, increasing the final cost. Don't feel hesitant to ask for a proper bill for complicated jobs so that you know you've been given a fair rate.

Location of Toilet Installation

If you’d like a toilet installer to add a toilet in your basement, the average cost will be $1,695, and many people even spend between $1,070 and $2,370, depending on other locations. The extra fees are from putting in new plumbing in a place where there formerly wasn't a toilet.

If plumbing already exists in an area and you're just replacing a toilet in a basement bathroom, the price will be almost $371. If you're doing complete bathroom renovations or moving the location of the toilet, then note that the cost ranges between $2,500 and $3,500.

Changing the location of the toilet is not an easy task, as it involves changing the water system and moving water pipes, the drain, and vent lines. Some professionals may charge more if they have to install a toilet on the upper floor of an apartment.

Labour Required

Labour expenses can range due to the time it takes to put in the brand-new toilet and how complex its features are. Not-so-professional plumbers charge around $65 per hour and $125 per hour on average. But professional plumbers can charge as high as $250 per hour.

When installing a new toilet, there is a high possibility of discovering new plumbing problems once the old toilet is removed. Pipes may need to be replaced, damaging leaks within the walls or flooring. These issues will increase the labour cost for the project.

Types Of Toilets

Toilet setup prices can vary greatly depending on the type of toilet and their additional features. A new bathroom can help save money on your water bill by using much less than 9.1 litres of water with a single flush, not like older models that could use up to 27.3 litres of water. You can pick a toilet with a spherical bowl or an elongated bowl.

Elongated bowls are more preferred as they are comfortable and less difficult for the aged and disabled to use. Generally, there are four toilets to pick from; these include one-piece, two-piece, wall-hung, or a smart toilet. These kinds will affect the installation price and how much time it takes to finish the project.

One-Piece Toilets

The cost to install one-piece toilets typically ranges between $191 and $491, with modern design models approximately from $500 to $1,000. One-piece toilets have unique designs, and they're simple to install. They are much simpler to clean, too, as you can see no gaps or joints between the bowl and the toilet tank.

It's hygienic, too, as there is no place for dirt to accumulate. This toilet is comparatively smaller, making it a good companion for tight spaces.

Two-Piece Toilets

General two-piece toilets range in cost from $230 to $300, with current design models' prices ranging from $700 to $1,050. Two-piece toilets are the most preferred option for toilet installation as they are lighter in weight. They have two separate sections, with the tank as one and the front and base as another section. These toilets are mostly budget-friendly to repair and install.

Smart Toilets

Smart toilet costs range from $1,199 to $6,750. They use less water than conventional toilets, and you don’t have to touch it for flushing. It senses the distance as you move away from the toilet and flushes automatically. Some smart toilets also include built-in lighting that makes it easier to find in the dark, and they also have auto-closing lids.

Wall-Hung Toilets

Wall-hung or mounted toilets, are fixed to the wall with the tank on the inside of the wall. A wall-hung toilet price ranges between $216 and $5,175. As the tank is installed inside the wall, this toilet is more complicated to repair, but it is easier to clean because it doesn't touch the ground. Wall-hung toilets are a good option for small space bathrooms.

When To Replace A Toilet

The average lifespan of a good quality toilet is about 25 years or less in some cases. So, it would be beneficial if you replaced your toilet as you start noticing the red signals such as its leaking, frequent repairs, wobbling when you sit on it, frequent clogging, or no proper flushing. When you start experiencing these, prepare the cost to replace your toilet. Further described below are the things to consider in deciding when to replace your toilet.

Age of the Toilet

Do you know the precise age of your toilet? It's essential to know how old your toilet is, even if it's working okay. People give very little attention to toilet replacements if it's still flushing. But the truth is new toilets are more efficient as compared to old ones, and they can even save you a bit of money on your water bill by using less water.

Many individuals now prefer a dual-flush toilet in their bathrooms, which have a full flush option for solid waste and a partial flush option for liquid waste. It's an excellent alternative for those who want to save water.

Frequent Repairs

If you need to call a plumber every few weeks to repair the toilet, don’t wait any longer; you may need to replace your toilet as soon as possible. The cost of continuous repairs can quickly add up and soon exceed the installation cost of a new toilet. By replacing your toilet, you can save money on frequent repairs.

Experience Wobbling

If you notice that your toilet wobbles when you sit on it, then you need to call a plumber to replace your toilet. The toilet may need to be readjusted in some cases as some bolts need to be fully tightened. A wobbling toilet is also an alarming sign of water damage, and the floor may be rotting under the toilet. In such a situation, you need to replace your toilet.

Frequent Clogging

A toilet with frequent clogs is unusual. If your toilet clogs frequently, it could indicate a significant problem. Older low-flush toilets aren't as efficient or powerful as they once were and will struggle to flush waste and toilet paper adequately. Replace the toilet with a newer one to solve the problem.

Flushing Problems

As a modern toilet consumes less water per flush, it is a more efficient toilet to help you save costs on your water bill. A standard toilet flush uses 18 to 23 litres of water, whereas a low-flush option uses over nine litres. A new water closet (toilet) will help you save water and money if you're ecologically concerned.

Tank Cracks

There could be cracks in the tank if water is on the floor surrounding the toilet. Water damage to the floor and mould and mildew growth are all consequences of leakages. To avoid future damage, don’t ignore toilet cracks and replace the toilet as early as possible.

Change of Toilet Style

Choosing a toilet style is one of the first things you should do if you want to remodel your bathroom. Many bathroom fixture suppliers provide suites that allow you to match your toilet to your tub, sink, and faucets for an aesthetic effect. If you want to acquire a matching suite, your toilet installation cost and the overall project budget will increase because some can be costly.

Ways To Save Money On Toilet Installation

Toilet installation rates can be high, and the project's additional costs can soon pile up. Installing the cheapest toilet is one method to save money on toilet installation expenses, but there are other ways to save money without sacrificing quality.

Do Everything at Once

If you have multiple bathrooms in your house, you may be able to save money by replacing all of the toilets at once instead of spreading out the installation over time. When numerous toilets are installed simultaneously, many plumbers will charge less per toilet.

Obtain at Least Three Quotations

Request quotations from at least three trustworthy plumbers who are specialised in the toilet installation procedure.

Get the Services of an Expert

Spending money on a plumber to install a new toilet may seem irrational, but when the plumbing installation is done correctly, it can save money in the long run. Repairs will be more expensive if the toilet is fitted incorrectly.

Stick to the Basics

While the added bells and whistles of a smart toilet may be appealing, staying with a simple one- or two-piece toilet will save you a lot of money.

Work With A Licensed Plumber

By reading this article, we believe that you now have a good idea of the cost ranges for toilet installations and plumbing if you decide to install a new toilet. It is recommended that you find a licensed plumber who will charge you a fair amount to complete the service.

Ensure that the toilet you install is of good quality. Otherwise, you just might end up in a scenario whereby the installation goes wrong, and your new toilet turns out to be worse than your old one.