Issues with your switchboard? Require installation or repairs for an emergency? Nordic can help!

Avoid power outages for the family or downtime for the business. Upgrade to a high-quality Switchboard that will last and handle the level of power required. Reliable and efficient, just like Nordic!

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Whyalla Switchboards

Residential Switchboards

Whether you have an older switchboard with fuses that blow or a modern switchboard with safety switches and circuit breakers, our team of highly trained electricians can repair and install reliable switchboards, so you never have an annoying power outage.

Locally Designed
Customized for your living conditions
Designed for 40 Deg Plus
Expected Life Cycle 25 Years

Switchboard Installations in Whyalla, SA

Commercial Switchboards

Your switchboard is vital to ensuring that your home or workspace has power, and problems with it can occur at any time. This is why Nordic offers a 24/7 emergency response. One of our friendly electricians can help restore power to your space in no time.

Wireless Remote Interface
Fully Programmable
Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer
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Why our customers choose us

Is your switchboard old or unsafe?

If you are having problems with fuses blowing regularly or experience frequently tripping circuit-breakers and safety switches, you may have a more significant issue. Let one of our team members assess your switchboard to prevent further damage or an unsafe situation.

Cost-efficient switchboards repairs

Switchboards are versatile devices, but if they fail in their primary function, it means no energy flow for you. Most fixes can be relatively simple, but it is imperative for your safety that you let them be carried out by experienced and trained professionals.

Trained in the complexities of switchboard wiring

Our team knows that switchboards are more than just the switches you see on the front. Behind the panelling, there’s a range of critical circuitry in charge of your electrical connectivity that can often be damaged or faulty, requiring either a regular or emergency repair.

Service for switchboards of all ages

No matter how old or modern your switchboard may be, we have the expertise to repair it. Older boards often require extensive maintenance and Nordic can help you ensure it works as it should, or recommend an upgrade that may save you dollars down the track.

On call, 24 hours a day

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Our Customers

“Everything went smoothly through the entire process. Well done team.”

John Starsy

“Everything went smoothly through the entire process. Well done team.”

John Starsy

“Everything went smoothly through the entire process. Well done team.”

John Starsy

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Why switchboard safety is paramount

Protect your personal safety

Many people are seriously injured, burned, or killed by preventable electrical accidents. Maintain the safety of your switchboard with electrical safety checks and repairs from qualified electricians.

The benefits of safety switches

Safety switches are mandatory on all circuits in new homes as they increase safety by cutting power to an electrical circuit in instances of electrical surge or shock.

A detailed electrical safety check with all repairs and installations

Our electricians know to look for risks such as exposed live parts, asbestos, a good condition main earth, rewire-able fuses visible, recalled cable products, and more.

ISO 9001:2015
AS/NZS 4801:2001
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 14001:2015.

Enjoy peace of mind with a
switchboard you can rely on.

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