Understanding how you Live is the most important thing to us, if we get this right our customers just keep coming back.

Continuing to grow and provide an ever increasing service to the community in Whyalla SA.

Quality Choices. Quality Results.

Philosophy is the foundation to preventing mediocrity and our values and morals ensure we are always aiming for higher ground. Our belief is that good quality costs less and that bad quality always costs more, through rework, delays, damage to our reputation and emotional affects for all concerned.

Life is full of choices and our choice is to always be striving to improve current standards for optimum performance

We are determined to maintain this Philosophy for the benefit of both our customers and stakeholders in the business.

Backed up by highest level licenses and insurances

There’s a reason our reputation remains secure since 1986 and that’s because we choose to do things the right way, every time.

Ensuring the standards of our work meet all local and national codes and standards, we can stand behind our services as some of the safest and most reliable in our industries.

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Meet our incredible team!

At McMullen Trades we know the service is only as good as the people serving. We are committed to service excellence and that comes through in every phone call, every nail hit, and every installation.

Our History

Growing in quality and reputation since 1986

McMullen Trades is a multifaceted company involved with Manufacturing, trade services, building and maintenance, Currently trading as “Nordic, B&E Plumbing, McMullen Builders & Normco”. The company has grown since 1986 steadily as we observed our environment and made changes to the services offered to our customers. The choice to stay out of some markets ensured risk was controlled and has made the company more resilient to economic shocks and changes beyond the companies control. Our customers come first, and this can be challenging but also rewarding.

Our focus has been to use technology to develop great systems and education for the organizations people to ensure the process of purchasing is made as easy as possible for our customers.

Enjoying and coming to work every day requires a level of happiness for all staff in the organization, and this means creating relationships within the company, we are not just a place of work, caring and supporting each other is of equal importance. Moving forward, we will remain relentless in ensuring we deliver the best for our customers, and if Whyalla’s Market declines we may see a need to spread from our current base, but our business model will then provide the same high level of service to other communities, and perhaps this is a good thing.

Key clients include: Building Management (Local Government), Origin Energy for all Mains gas works, Whyalla Aged Care, Woolworths, Coles, The Whyalla Commercial Businesses and Domestic Clients.

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