Ducted Residential & Commercial

Wonderfully quiet, and efficient at the touch of a button

Ducted Air Conditioning is perfect in every room, during every season, ensuring your family enjoys their space and staff work in productive and pleasant conditions.

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Split and Multi Split System Air Conditioning

Easy and Versatile Installation, and Cheap to Run. Low Cost entry Point.

Split air conditioning systems often feature two or more units (Multi Splits) with a condenser sitting outdoors.

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Cassette & Console System Air Conditioning

Cassette systems eliminate the need to take up valuable wall space. Using a cassette also places the air in the best place to get the best performance, while a little more expensive they do provide great benefits.

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Service, Repairs & Maintenance

Air Conditioning in Whyalla

Ensure complete comfort in your home with an air conditioning system you can trust. Nordic guarantees your unit will never leave you in the cold (or heat) again.24/7 emergency response service.

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Evaporative Coolers

Whyalla Air Conditioning Experts

An effective way to cool your home cheaply. An evaporative cooler can costs as little as running a Light Globe. Braemar & Breezair are both high quality long life units.

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Commercial Refrigeration

Does your business depend on reliable supply, installation, maintenance and repair of a refrigeration and freezer system? Nordic has you covered 24-hours a day.

High Skilled Trades Required for this work
Fast & Effective Repairs
There when you need us!

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