Small or Large, a Ducted System provides amazing comfort in home air conditioning

Designed By Local Engineers for local conditions in Whyalla. Systems from 7KW - 30KW, 4 to 12 Outlets

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Ducted Air Conditioning in Whyalla

The perfect temperature, all the time for Whyalla Conditions

By teaming up with Mitsubishi Electric, Nordic continue to provide high-quality and cost-effective solutions for both commercial and residential requirements. Our range of units come complete with installation so you can experience true comfort without having to lift a finger.

Locally Designed
Customized for your living conditions
Designed for 40 Deg Plus
Expected Life Cycle 25 Years

The Latest Smart Air Conditioning Controller

Adapt your home to your idea of comfort with the right temperature in the right place at the right time. The all new AirTouch 4 is a smart air conditioning controller that is the fusion of comfort, energy efficiency, smart design and ease of use. AirTouch provides more than just cooling or heating but also becomes part of a lifestyle…an experience.

The brand-new 8” HD touch screen console is bigger; and displays brighter, bolder colours and features a slider at the bottom of the screen to make it easier to adjust the set point temperature. It also makes it easy to adjust the conditioned air flow in 5% increments across 16 zones from 1, 2, 3, or 4 different ducted air conditioning units.

Global Control with a Newly Designed App

Enhance the capabilities of your AirTouch 4 with the free app for iOS or Android. All the controls, including individual zones, timers, favourites, temperature slider, mode and fan speed are replicated on the new AirTouch 4 app.

You can save energy by turning off the system remotely when you are away from home, but also make sure home is comfortable for you when you walk in the door by turning on the air conditioning before you leave work to head home.

Another great feature of the app is automation home temperature alerts. If home is getting a bit warm or cold, you can choose to receive temperature alerts reminding you to turn on the climate control before you set off home.

Whyalla Ducted Air Conditioning

The highest quality systems available - Mitsubishi Electric & Nordic

Nordic only works with the finest systems, like the range of Ductair and Polyaire products. These premium products coupled with units from Mitsubishi Electric are effective while also being very efficient, saving you money on running costs.

Wireless Remote Interface
Fully Programmable
Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer
No Idea of Costs? - Ask us for help

Working With Established Brands That Last

Our choice is to use premium products and the service from these premium suppliers is paramount to our success. Partnering with them ensures the best result for you.

Why We Choose

Hight quality systems ensure trouble free running for many years. Based on performance and efficiency along with the Life the equipment is expected to last determines “Value”

Choose Nordic & Mitsubishi Electric and you’ve made a good choice!

Quality when it counts!

Nordic supporting our Young People through Apprenticeships in Air-Conditioning

Why our customers choose us

Pure comfort no matter the season

Ducted Air Conditioning is perfect in every room, during every season, ensuring your family enjoys their space and staff work in productive and pleasant conditions.

Easy-to-use technology

Mitsubishi Electric ducted air conditioning systems provides the convenience of touch-button climate control. Their advanced control technology makes it easy to achieve the temperature you like, no matter the weather.

Ideal for multiple room applications

Our units can incorporate zone selection if required and have the ability to upgrade with a Wi-Fi Control to manage large spaces with ease.

Unobtrusive design

Our ducted systems are specially designed for installation in the ceiling, making them ideal for large residences or offices. Enjoy a hidden heating and cooling unit with visible grilles only.

Create the optimal airflow configuration

Nordic handles your installation and ensures that your new unit is set-up ideally for your space, adjusting the distance between the air-intake and air-outlet vents to guarantee optimal performance from your system.


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Our Customers

“Everything went smoothly through the entire process. Well done team.”

John Starsy

“Everything went smoothly through the entire process. Well done team.”

John Starsy

“Everything went smoothly through the entire process. Well done team.”

John Starsy

Relax and Enjoy your Nordic installed Mitsubisi Electric Air-conditioner

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Why Choose Ducted With Nordic?

Zoning Systems

Ducted systems allow you to cool your entire house or office while also controlling the individual temperature of each room. Control specific zones On/off if they are not being used, saving electricity.

Energy Efficient

As one of the more energy efficient options, you can save money with a Ducted system. The higher upfront cost of the system is an investment that will be offset over the life of the air conditioner with lower electrical bills.

Quite and Peaceful Systems

The frustration of wall or window unit air conditioners is the constant sound of a drone. You may find it difficult to sleep through, which is why Ducted Air Conditioners are a much better option as they are almost silent.

ISO 9001:2015
AS/NZS 4801:2001
ISO 45001:2018
ISO 14001:2015.

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